Graduate Admissions

Master’s Program for Double Degree Program Special Selection

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Now application guidelines are available for October 2024 and April/October 2025 admissions as below.

This Selection Is Offered by Two Departments Listed Below.

Division of Department of
Earth and Environmental Sciences Environmental Remote Sensing
Creative Engineering Design

The guidelines and application forms are now available for the master’s double-degree program at the above two departments. This program is designed for students who are currently enrolled at one of our affiliated universities abroad such as the followings. The admitted candidates will be the students of Chiba University (CU) while maintaining his/her enrollment at home university in order to obtain two degrees at both universities.

Home University Host University (CU)
Overseas Sister Universities of the DDP Agreement Country Code* Division of Department of
Faculty of Geography,
Universitas Gadjah Mada
I Earth and Environmental Sciences Environmental Remote Sensing
Universitas Padjadjaran I
Postgraduate Program,
Universitas Udayana
Faculty of Engineering,
Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science,
Universitas Indonesia
Faculty of Engineering,
Universitas Hasanuddin
Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology,
School of Life Sciences and Technology,
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Faculty of Visual Art and Design,
Institut Teknologi Bandung
I Creative Engineering Design
College of Computer Science and Technology,
Zhejiang University
School of Industrial Design,
Nanjing University of the Arts
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts C
Yonsei University K
National Cheng Kung University T
National Yunlin University of
Science and Technology
Tatung University T
TH Köln
Cologne University of Applied Sciences

*C: China, G: Germany, I: Indonesia, K: Korea, T: Taiwan

Application Eligibility

Applicants must be current graduate students at the graduate school of the university mentioned above that made an agreement on the Double Degree Program with the graduate school of Science and Engineering, Chiba University, or have been accepted an offer of admission by the university that made an agreement on the Double Degree Program with the graduate school of Science and Engineering, Chiba University. And besides, they must meet one of the required qualifications for application written in the guidelines.

Admission Guidelines

You should read your chosen guidelines below to make sure that you meet the eligibility for the application. Next you need to contact the prospective supervising professor of your research field in order to receive his/her pre-approval of your intention to apply for this program, and then you can write his/her name on the application forms.

Type Admission Guidelines
Master's Program for
Double Degree Program Special Selection
October Admission 2024/2nd Selection
April Admission 2025/1st Selection
April Admission 2025/2nd Selection
October Admission 2025/1st Selection

* The guidelines downloadable as a PDF file for this program may not be provided as the booklet in print (paper medium).

Application Forms

Please download and use the forms for application and submit with other required documents. Paper application only should be available.

For October 2024 Admission/2nd Selection:

For April 2025 Admission/1st Selection:

For April 2025 admission/2nd Selection:

For October 2025 admission/1st Selection:

For all of the above selections, the following forms may also be submitted: