Graduate Admissions

How to Request Guidelines

If you have any questions, please contact us.

The following programs in the below table provide each paper Admissions Guidelines and application forms. You can usually get them by your request around early May each year, and cannot get them before then in preparation.
There are 3 options for request that you can choose (at the office in person, by TELEMAIL for Domestic Delivery or by EMS for international shipping.) Plan carefully and allow plenty of time for the guidelines and the application forms to arrive before the application deadlines though the request should only be made during the prescribed period in the below table.
No request to the university by mail is available. Be sure that a return envelope is not returned if it would arrive by mail. Please see the Admissions Schedules so that you can find information such as programs or application deadlines.

Program Admission At Office in Person TELEMAIL for Domestic Delivery EMS for Int'l Shipping Available Request Period
Master's Program for
General Selection
October 2024
April 2025
Available Available Available except in some areas Early May 2024 through a week before the application deadline in June 2024
Doctoral Program for
General Selection
October 2024/2nd Selection
April 2025/1st /2nd/3rd Selections
October 2025/1st Selection
Available Available Available except in some areas Early May 2024 through a week before the application deadline in February 2025 (for 3rd Selection)

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TELEMAIL for Domestic Delivery

If you would like to receive it in Japan, please click here (Japanese version available) for the request. (However, it should be available only for the specified request period as mentioned above. No request for mail delivery is available. It should be available at the office in person or by the TELEMAIL service for the domestic delivery.)

At Office in Person

EMS/Express Mail Service for International Shipping

There may be delays or temporary suspension of the EMS delivery in some other countries or areas due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic at present. Applicants living outside Japan currently may email us in advance.

If you would like to receive it outside Japan, first contact us by email with your information on articles of #1-7 below, so that we could send a return email to you. (EMS is not available for domestic delivery.) After it was delivered, you can see delivery status with a tracking service for confirming the whereabouts of the EMS package on the websites of JAPAN POST and Post Office in your home country. The delivery days by EMS might sometimes differ from one country to another at your side for receiving. You could contact them at the post office near your home address to find out the situation such as the where or when at that time if any problem happened after it arrived in your country.

  1. Name
  2. Address and zip code (outside Japan)
  3. Telephone number
  4. Email address
  5. Name of the graduate school at our school (Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
  6. Name of the department at our school you are considering (from 17 depts. in total)
  7. Admission type you are considering
    Master’s program October yyyy admission, Doctoral program April yyyy admission/1st selection