Graduate Admissions

Master’s Program for Privately Financed International Students Special Selection

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The application deadlines have passed. Information of this page will be updated in late July 2024.

Now application guidelines are available for April 2024 and October 2024 admissions as below.

This Selection Is Offered by Five Departments Listed Below.

Division of Department of
Mathematics and Informatics Mathematics and Informatics
Earth and Environmental Sciences Earth Sciences
Advanced Science and Engineering at a post office Physics

Before starting the application process, you are required to first contact the prospective supervisor of your selected research field in order to receive his or her pre-approval of your intention to apply for the program, and then fill out his or her name on the application forms. (Please refer to the list of faculty members at the end of the guidelines.)
You may not submit two or more applications at the same time, to the graduate school.
For details, see the guidelines.

Admission Guidelines

You can see the same information as the ones in print (booklet, paper medium.)

Program Admission Guidelines
Master's Program for
Privately Financed Int'l Students
Special Selection
April 2024 pdf
October 2024

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The Valid Period of TOEFL/TOEIC Test Available for Submission

It is valid for this selection's application as long as the test is taken between November 2021 and the end of October 2023.

Application Forms

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1.Application Form A and Admission Ticket for Examination B

You should use the prescribed forms attached to the guidelines (booklet, paper medium) for application submission. You cannot submit the downloaded forms.

2.Other Application Forms-C to D

You should use the prescribed forms attached to the guidelines (booklet, paper medium) for application submission. However, the following forms may be downloadable to print out for your convenience.

All the required materials should be submitted for application during the prescribed application period.

How to Request Admission Guidelines and Application Forms

At Office in Person

By Mail for Domestic Shipping