Graduate Admissions

Announcement of Examination Results

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Successful applicants’ application codes will be posted on the webpage here only during the viewing period according to the Admission Guidelines.
You can see the Announcement of Examination Results at the bottom of the page.


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1. Viewing period

It is different according to the type of entrance examination.
You can check the viewing period in the Admission Guidelines that you applied.

2. Acceptance Letter (called Gokaku Tsuchi-sho) and related documents

Those should be sent to the successful applicants by a simple registered mail or other (for domestic delivery) and EMS (for international shipping) right after the announcement of examination results. Please be sure to receive them.

3. Change of recipient's address

Those who would like to change the address that was submitted us at the time of admission application submission, need to inform us so before we arrange delivery. (The Admission Ticket with application code may be submitted us as ID confirmation for the address change.)
Please be sure to inform us in advance if you plan to go back to your parent’s home, move, go to academic conference, study abroad, go back to your home country or others around the time of the delivery, and you cannot receive them.

4. Receiving a simple registered mail (called Kan’i Kakitome Yubin) or other

Those should be needed the recipient’s signature to receive.
When you find Delivery Notice, you need to contact the post office and arrange the redelivery (online or on the telephone) by yourself according to the Delivery Notice WITHIN A WEEK.

5. Other

Any questions concerning results by telephone or email are not available according to the Admission Guidelines.

Announcement of Examination Results for Master's Programs

*It is not available now.

Announcement of Examination Results for Doctoral Programs

*It is not available now.