Graduate Admissions

Master’s Program for Japanese Government/MEXT Scholarship International Students Special Selection

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Now application guidelines are available for October 2023 and April/October 2024 admissions as below.
There may be some changes in the method or schedules of entrance examination from the aspect of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). It will be updated on the Graduate School website as new information comes in.

The guidelines and application forms are now available for Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship granted students for our master's program admissions. Applicants applying for this program cannot submit two applications to other program such as Double Degree Program Special Selection at the same time.

Application Eligibility

At the time of application, applicants should be receiving a Japanese government (Monbukagakusho/MEXT) scholarship as international research students at the graduate level except an undergraduate university students, or have been selected as a Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship student, or be candidates of MEXT scholarship students (international research students at the graduate level.) And besides they must meet one of the required qualifications for application written in the guidelines. However it is not acceptable for those who graduated or expect to graduate from college or university of Japan to apply for this selection.

Admission Guidelines

You should read your chosen guidelines below to make sure that you meet the eligibility for the application. Next you need to contact the prospective supervising professor of your research field in order to receive his/her pre-approval of your intention to apply for this program, and then you can write his/her name on the application forms.

Type Admission Guidelines
Master's Program for
MEXT Scholarship Int'l Student Special Selections
October Admission 2023/2nd Selection
April Admission 2024/1st Selection
Application deadlines passed. pdf
April Admission 2024/2nd Selection
October Admission 2024/1st Selection

* The guidelines downloadable as a PDF file for this program may not be provided as the booklet in print (paper medium).

Application Forms

Please download and use the forms for application and submit with other required documents. Paper application only should be available.

For October 2023 Admission/2nd Selection: Application deadlines passed.

For April 2024 Admission/1st Selection: Application deadlines passed.

For April 2024 Admission/2nd Selection:

For October 2024 Admission/1st Selection:

For all of the above selections, the following forms may be also submitted.