The Purpose of This Graduate School

The purpose of this graduate school is, in the fields of natural science and engineering, to nurture high-level professionals or leading instructive researchers with the wide knowledge, the deep specialty and the problem-solving ability that can overlook both of science and engineering, and cause mutual concerts of them. That is, for the investigation of truth in natural scientific field, and human prosperity and sustainable social development by engineering ways based on natural sciences, we seek to nurture the human resources who acquired the knowledge and ability indicated below.

  • Individuals must act subjectively supported by their knowledge, flexible thinking basing on their knowledge and deep insight relating science, engineering, or integrated fields of them as independent and high-level science/engineering professionals and human resources with high intellectual quality who are able to support a knowledge-based society.
  • Individuals must recognize the role of science and engineering in our society and the responsibility as the high-level professionals of those fields, and contribute to human prosperity and sustainable social development from a global perspective with the high ethical standard.
  • Individuals must be capable of finding the problem which should be settled and explain logically after understanding of diverse cultures, histories, values, societies, and environments.
  • Individuals must have acquired systematic knowledge, technology and ways of thinking in science/engineering fields, and possess the ability to learn those continually. Also, they must possess intellectual knowledge from wide-ranging general perspectives in addition to in-depth intellectual knowledge in their field of specialization to solve problems with flexible thinking and deep insight for contributing to the creation of innovation.
  • Individuals must be capable of integrating and organizing knowledge and abilities, and proactively cooperate and work together with others to find solutions to issues requiring high professional knowledge and skills relating science and engineering.

To realize these educational aims, we have established five Divisions and 16 Departments appropriate to the specialized fields in each Division, and offer a unique curriculum in each department as follows.