Fostering Advanced Professionals through Cooperative Education of Science and Engineering

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering at the Chiba University has sixteen departments which cover a wide area of science and engineering. The departments are categorized into five divisions: Mathematics and Informatics, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Advanced Science and Engineering, Creative Engineering, and Fundamental Engineering.

Science, which aims at exploration of the truth in natural science, and engineering, which applies science for happiness and development of human society, have developed under close mutual relationship. Therefore, in human development in science and engineering, it is important to have a relationship of cooperation, in which science and engineering complement each other's missing parts and stimulate mutually. In addition, it is thought that future challenges faced by professionals in science and engineering will become more complicated and sophisticated. Thus, not only high expertise in a specific field but also wide perspective that covers entire science and engineering is required. The Graduate School of Science and Engineering offers cross-department education to foster wide perspective, in addition to specialized education in each department to foster high expertize.

So far, Chiba University has conducted the Frontier Science Program at bachelor level to offer highly practical educational environment aiming to develop leading young researchers. The Frontier Science Program has been introduced in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering in a developmental manner. It provides integrated master and doctoral program and accelerates development of leading researchers and establishment of international research hub.

The Graduate School of Science and Technology provides various opportunities for education and research to foster advanced expertise and a wide perspective. All the faculty members wish many students to actively utilize these opportunities to become leading professionals in science and engineering.

SATO Yukihiko, Dean
Graduate School of Science and Engineering